Fire Help

We have suffered an enormous loss due to a fire and need your help.

fire damage in the sea can (storage container)

Last year, the Friends of the Muskoka Watershed restored over a hectare of Muskoka forest using residential wood ash donated by our volunteers. We believe this is the first time a Canadian restoration project has used residential wood ash to repair the damage caused by decades of acid rain.

But on November 19, a fire at our ash collection drop off site at Rosewarne Transfer station in Bracebridge resulted in the loss of our shed, storage barrels for ash, containers for sifting ash and the contents of our sea can.

Thankfully, no one was injured. However, we lost critical supplies:

  • two green poly containers, which we use to sift the ash
  • a temperature probe, which is used to ensure that the ash has cooled to a safe temperature
  • storage barrels – at any given time we have 50 of these available to fill and keep
  • a wheelbarrow, which helps safely transport ash from your vehicle to the shed the shed itself, which provides secure shelter for our supplies.

We estimate the damage to be over $10,000. We must replace the equipment to operate our next ash drive.

Are you able to donate either cash or the equipment we lost?

Do you know someone who can help us replace these materials?

Without help, we will not be able to continue the ash restoration work in time for the spring flood season.

Please contact ) if you are able to donate equipment, or call the office at 705-640-0948.

All donations will receive a tax receipt. FOTMW is a registered Canadian charity. To donate, please visit our donations page.

fire damage in the storage container
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