Friends of the Muskoka Watershed

Turn Science into Community-Wide Action
to Protect Your Muskoka Watershed

Proactively identify environmental threats and propose solutions.
So your piece of paradise is preserved for future generations.

Take a moment to look around you…

You may have already guessed it – Muskoka is facing serious environmental threats.

Have you noticed more algae in the water?

Have you seen brown roadside vegetation?

And when was the last time you saw a crayfish?

From calcium decline in our forests and lakes to harmful winter road salt, these and other challenges have the potential to change the Muskoka you know and love forever.

Ensure the Muskoka You Know Stays the Muskoka You Love

Connect The Dots

Connecting Dots Between Symptoms and Solutions

We identify environmental threats and offer actionable solutions that the Muskoka community can take to protect the present and future health of the watershed.

In doing so, we ensure that both you and future generations can continue to enjoy Muskoka's natural surroundings.

Here’s the good news:
Protecting the watershed isn't overwhelming when we work together.

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The Corporate Donors Working With Us to Maintain a Healthier Environment

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Receive details about upcoming events, Ash Drives, ongoing preventative efforts and other important details about your watershed's health.